Pay Per Call

Ready to Have Customers Calling You Round the Clock?

Fill up your inbound customer pipeline by targeting your customers with advertisements encouraging them to pick up the phone and call. That’s what pay-per-call services are all about. It’s simple!

  1. We place advertisements throughout a potential customer’s social media and internet browsing.
  2. They click on one of your ads and are asked to call in.
  3. Once they call, they are routed to a page which helps determine if they are a qualified lead.
  4. Once they’re qualified, these leads are passed along to your sales team to do what they do best: close the deal!

With a pay-per-call inbound phone campaign from us, customers will reach out to you. They’re interested, they’re qualified, and all you have to do is get them to sign. We handle the creative, the metrics, the placement, and the campaigns, and let you focus on what you do best.

Pay-Per-Call Is the Best Way to Keep Your Pipeline Full

If you use’s pay-per-call advertising feature, you’ll only pay for the advertisements that lead to calls to your sales team. You only pay for qualified leads that are routed to your business number. This feature is attractive for B2B businesses, credit repair companies and those selling mortgages, insurance, home security, rehabilitation, and telecommunications products. Customers will be lining up and all you have to do is sell.

We develop the creative content for the campaigns, with your input, then place your ads in multiple media channels, telling users your story and encouraging them to remember to call in and talk to you. We also take the time to tweak your campaigns, comparing results on different details to ensure we’re placing the highest performing ads and converting viewers to sales.

With our services, you’re talking directly to qualified leads who are searching for the keywords you specify. You can choose your target markets, keep track of potential leads, and deliver powerful messaging to your customers. We handle the campaigns and the metrics, you handle the sales.

Track Your Calls

Another advantage of a digital pay-per-call system is the tracking and reporting aspects of the exchange. Customers who click on the ads and call in are given unique tracking numbers so that we can follow them throughout the phone conversation. This allows us to tweak the questions and timeframe that leads to someone being considered a qualified lead and report on what is working best.

We can show you the number of people who clicked on each ad and called in because of that ad. These analytics can then be used to improve the pay-per-call ad campaigns. It’s important to know exactly which ad, placed on which website, resulted in the call. You can even tell which keyword lead to the ad, which can give your sales team something to discuss with the qualified customer.

Geo-Targeted Campaigns

Digital advertising is especially powerful for local businesses because of the ability to target customers based on their geographic location. Not only will businesses get people interested in their services, they’ll get calls from people in their local area who need what they provide. This is especially useful for companies that want to target one town or metropolitan area.

Detailed Analytics

If you want to know how your campaigns are doing at any time, our online portal allows you to access the current campaign analytics and see exactly what ads are running, what calls are coming in, and what keywords are performing best. While we monitor this information to help your campaigns succeed, it’s available for you to look at as well.

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