Live Transfers

Our Live Transfer Services Get Leads Calling You!

Get live, ready-to-purchase, qualified leads sent directly over to your sales team with our live transfer service solutions. Our approach revolves around custom informational websites set up for potential customers. We give them all the information they need to generate the buying impulse, getting them to call a number and be directed to our live, US based call center. We take the call and validate their interests, then send the qualified leads on to you. This simple process will increase your sales rates, fast.

Many industries benefit from having leads call their sales team directly, including:

  • Educational institutions
  • Mortgage companies
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Credit Repair companies
  • Insurance brokers
  • And more does the groundwork using digital (and sometimes traditional) marketing to attract leads and do the initial data collection. Once a lead is verified, it is passed directly to your sales team with the data they need to close the deal.

There are many different approaches to bringing business into your marketing plan, but digital marketing and lead generation should be at the center. We make sure the data is integrated with your CRM system, and the transfer of calls from our call center to your office is seamless.

Focus Your Sales Team on the Highest Quality Leads

You want your sales team to spend their time with the leads that are going to have the best chance of converting, not chasing leads that will never convert. There are a number of different strategies on how to do this effectively, from using inbound marketing and content generation to lead lists and traditional cold calling. At, we help you review your industry and current sales process and put in place a digital marketing campaign that leverages both. Our goal is to ensure your sales team members are spending time on the phone with the highest quality leads.

The end goal is to help improve your bottom line by targeting your ideal customer using digital marketing, raising their awareness of your business, and either getting them to call you or collecting their information so your sales team can reach out.

Digital marketing can be a powerful and cost-effective way to connect with potential customers right when they’re looking for your services, place your content around them to remind them of your story, help keep you top of mind when they finally are ready to make a purchasing decision, and more. It’s also easy to test and adjust campaigns to have them lead to the largest possible number of clicks or calls.

If you’re looking to reach out to potential leads, let help you with digital advertising and they’ll be reaching out to you instead.

How Does This Work So Well?

There’s a lot of competition in the market for consumers and you want to be the first company they think of (and the first one they call). That means connecting with them at the right time can significantly increase conversion. We customize the campaigns and bring in the leads so you are no longer competing with every other company. If the vast majority of sales goes to the first company to talk to a lead, you want to be first every time. With live leads, you’re getting a prospect that is already on the phone and has shown significant interest in buying. It can’t get any better for your sales team!

With a well-executed campaign from, you can increase your profitability, stuff your lead pipeline with high-quality leads, and focus advertisement towards your highest value customers. Let us show you how we can make this happen.

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